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Saturday March 13Phoenix Honey Festival

On Tap:

  • Blackberry Mint – Blackberry tartness countered by well-balanced spearmint notes that offer a refreshing, cooling effect.
  • Mango Ginger – an exotic elixir composed of earthy ginger undertones blossoming into luscious Indian mangoes.
  • Raspberry Goji Rose – Raspberry tartness coupled with floral notes throughout, finished with a thin zip of goji berry, creating an aromatic flavor.
  • Chai Pear – Juicy pear with seasonal flavor notes of warm cinnamon, honey and slight fennel sweetness creating the delicious Chai Spice Blend. (Seasonal Selection)

Saturday March 13Gilbert Farmers Market

We will fill your container (inquire for pricing) or provide 12 or 24 oz single serve cups.

Refillable bottles of 12, 24 and 64 oz are available separately. Receive $3 off with 6 refills of 12 or 24 oz bottles and 3 refills of 64 growlers.

Please email inquiries to or call (623) 850-1363. or leave a message below:

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